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What to see in Bordighera and its surroundings? Discover the most fascinating and unmissable attractions, which you can admire by staying at the Gold Hotel!


What to see in Bordighera, during a pleasant holiday or a romantic weekend?


Bordighera is located in the province of Imperia, on the Ligurian coast, on the road that connects Sanremo and Ventimiglia. Known mainly as a seaside resort, it offers a splendid sea, with clear and limpid waters, equipped beaches and small rocky coves. Equally pleasant is the climate of Bordighera, particularly mild and temperate, with scarce rains, especially in the summer months. However, even in autumn and winter, the town acquires a great charm, with the coast that is tinged with unique colors, giving a suggestive atmosphere and many opportunities for relaxation for visitors.


What to see in Bordighera, if not the blue sea, which you can admire from a particular perspective: that of the cycle path that runs along the Lungomare Argentina, or from a boat, in total freedom, taking advantage of the agreements available for hire.


But that's not all, because Bordighera is also excellent gastronomy, entertainment and culture.


For lovers of walking there is the "Ancient path of Beodo". Charles Garnier exclaimed: "Here is one of the most exciting walks in Bordighera, which every artist cannot forget ... an uninterrupted succession of many corners in which form and elegance harmonize." It is the walk along the path of the ancient aqueduct canal, built in 400 and called béodo, which brought drinking water and irrigation to the city.


Impossible not to be enchanted in front of the Pallanca Exotic Garden, the splendid Villa Garnier, and then get lost in the narrow streets of Bordighera alta, among shops and typical views.


For those wishing to move to nearby towns, here is what to see in Bordighera and its surroundings: the cities of Sanremo and Ventimiglia, the villages of medieval origin in the hinterland, where time seems to have stopped. From here it is also easy to travel towards France, towards Nice, Menton and, even further, Cannes and Marseille, for a very special tour.


What to see in Bordighera during the year? Do not miss the patronal feast, which is held on May 14 and extends over the following three days, with events, processions and shows in honor of San Ampelio. While on the first Friday of August, every year in the hamlet of Sasso, there is the berlicata festival, dedicated to berlechin, a typical drink of Bordighera, very similar to Spanish sangria.


Finally, for those wishing to see Bordighera in a different light, that of the Christmas holidays, we recommend a tour of the Christmas markets: among stalls and stands of typical products, it is possible to find real memorabilia, vintage clothing ... and much more.



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For you theevents calendar for summer 2021 in digital format of the City of Bordighera.​

Calendario Eventi
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