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Tourism in Ventimiglia blends unmatched attractions and unique experiences. Explore exceptional stay in Gold Hotel Bordighera near Ventimiglia beach.

Ventimiglia e Dolceacqua

Gold Hotel Bordighera will become a perfect base to visit Ventimiglia and Dolceacqua. We offer unique opportunity to explore fantastic local attractions promoting tourism in Ventimiglia and Bordighera located in the province of Imperia: from breathtaking natural sceneries to monuments, from historic and religious buildings to culinary specialties.

Visiting Ventimiglia is an excellent opportunity to spend time outdoors discovering local beauties of nature. Iconic landscapes of Ventimiglia beach featuring splendid Le Calendre can be followed by Alta Via dei Monti Liguri every year gathering fans of trekking, climbing and other outdoor activities.

Besides historic center of Ventimiglia you can visit Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo that are two of the most significant religious buildings. These churches are the gems of Ventimiglia tourism featuring pictorial works and relics of great historical and artistic importance that are preserved until today.

A tour of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens will decorate your visit to Ventimiglia dating back to the nineteenth century.

Dolceacqua also offers pleasant and stimulating experiences: you can start the tour with a look at the Castello dei Doria di Dolceacqua, an imposing building dating back to the 11th century overlooking the town from a dominant position once served to sight the enemies.


The Borgo di Dolceacqua presents countless testimonies of its centuries-old history maintaining traditional imprint in terms of architecture and landscapes until today. Among the signature places to visit is the Ponte Vecchio di Dolceacqua as well as ancient Castle of the Lizard.

Finally, to practice canyoning, hiking and trekking between Ventimiglia beach and Dolceacqua, you can plan an excursion to the Barbaira stream, located in the immediate vicinity and known for its characteristic gorges and inlet.

Book Gold Hotel Bordighera to organize your visit to Ventimiglia and Dolceacqua in the best way!

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