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Admission 8:00 - 10:00

In the morning, the day can only start with a good, abundant and refined breakfast. Our breakfast has everything you desire ... croissants, cakes, bread, biscuits, cold cuts, cheese, toast, hard-boiled eggs, seasonal fruit, yoghurt, fruit juice, cappuccino, coffee and hot drinks.


closed for the 2023 season

We have decided to temporarily stop the restaurant for the 2023 season, the flagship of the Gold Hotel, always appreciated for the quality and care of the dishes. The constant disproportionate growth of raw material and management costs in relation to the number of seats, no longer allow us to guarantee high quality at affordable prices. Instead of falling into mediocrity to contain costs, our choice was to postpone the opening hoping for better times. 

In the meantime, we list below, in order of preference, a selection of restaurants/pizzerias where you can have lunch or dinner in the immediate vicinity:

Don't miss​:

And many other restaurants  not to be missed which will be recommended to you at reception.

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