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Explore what to see in San Remo and its surroundings during both short getaway and longer stay? Visit Sanremo sightseeing with Gold Hotel Bordighera!


We prepared a set of essential suggestions about what to see in San Remo and its surroundings no matter if you are looking forward for a short stay or a prolonged holiday. Explore the tips from Gold Hotel Bordighera featuring inimitable Sanremo sightseeing: art, nature, culture, gastronomy, shows and many others destinations all to discover!


Sanremo is a town in the province of Imperia near Bordighera, known for the famous Sanremo Festival, a historic singing event held for decades at the Ariston Theater, one of the iconic venues in this locations housing Italian and foreign music.


Yet the Festival is not the only reason to visit San Remo. This location provides plenty of things attractions to see and places to visit, starting from the most significant monuments, passing through the beauties of the historic center and the high places like Sanremo Casino located in a large art nouveau building.

So, if you are visiting San Remo and you do not know any itineraries, first of all you should plan a tour through the streets of the historical city center with a short stop in Piazza Bresca. Among Sanremo sightseeing this one is an ideal place to sit and refresh yourself with an ice cream or a cold drink featuring seminal panoramic view over the Concattedrale di San Siro.

What to see in San Remo in one day? Essential list of destinations in this area includes Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa. This one is located near the coast as its name says just across one more religious building of the Russian Orthodox Church. From here you can move to the promenade to enjoy relaxation both during the day and in the evening, enjoying cool breeze and inimitable settings of iconic city.

Visit San Remo in total tranquillity and bliss booking a room at Gold Hotel Bordighera!

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