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Find your tour guide in Bordighera

This page is a meeting point between tourist and tour guide!
There are a thousand things to do and places to discover when you visit a new city!
The hardest part is definitely choosing where to start and what to see.

Why not start with a guided tour?

Thanks to a professional tourist guide you will be able to discover corners and curiosities that you can hardly read about in books.

The guide collects and selects the most interesting activities and tours in Bordighera.

We bring supply and demand together, saving you time searching and allowing you to spend an unforgettable day or holiday!

What do we ask in return? Absolutely nothing!
In fact, it is a free service for both guides and tourists.

So what do we gain? Nothing! That's what advertising is for...
Below you will find the next themed events... you can book them for free, the cost of the visit is paid on site and is indicated in the individual event.

What are you waiting for, book a front row seat to discover Bordighera with your tour guide!

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