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Cetacean sighting

Whale Watching - Imperia

Cetacean sighting in the Ligurian sanctuary departing from Bordighera

Live a unique experience in the open sea, come and look for and admire dolphins and whales in their natural habitat in the International Cetacean Sanctuary.


The excursion lasts about 4 hours from Bordighera and takes you towards the open sea.

The aim is to research and admire the species of mammals resident in the International Cetacean Sanctuary in their natural habitat.

After 30 minutes of sailing to the open sea, you will reach a depth of 2000/2500, where the probability of sighting is greater.


You can meet:
- common whales
- sperm whales
- zifi
- pilot whales
- gramps
- striped dolphins
- common dolphins
- bottlenose dolphins

On board the Corsara motor ship there is a marine biologist who, besides actively participating in the activity of the delicate task of observing and intercepting the animals with binoculars, comments on all the meetings, providing information and curiosities.
During the excursions scientific data are collected for research.
For the obligatory excursion, book by phone.
The excursion takes place in favorable meteorological conditions, judged as such by the foreman.
For information and reservations call 392/1376120 or


Sighting at Capo Sant'ampelio

Videos byFederico Bertaina

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