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Our history

Being a hotelier is not just a job. For Nicola and Rosa it was a passion, a choice made with determination and love for western Liguria.
Sometimes it happens that events lead us in the right direction and if this is true, the path of Rosa and Nicola had already been traced from the day when, in 2003, they began to manage the Villaggio del Sole, in Ventimiglia.

Falling in love with those places was easy. The feeling of well-being, like the one you feel when you close your eyes under the sun and fill yourself with its warmth; the tranquility, the familiar atmosphere, the fascinating nature, far from the stress and the frenetic pace, all this could only mean one thing: the beginning of a new, great adventure.

As in any adventure, you never know what can happen, events are not always favorable, but when you feel that you have to make that jump, don't think about it too much: you breathe, take a run and jump as far as you can. In 13 years the satisfactions have been many, the testimonies of affection and friendship, but there comes a time when we must necessarily change

In 2016 the adventure begins at the Gold Hotel in Bordighera. This time the adventure had several unknowns and many ambitious projects.

The poignant beauty of the place, the art that one breathed in every glimpse, a melancholy presence, seemed to ask loudly to put a bygone era back on its feet, rather than fix a decaying structure.

Because this was done, a painstaking work, like the restoration of an ancient fresco that requires skill and dedication. Lines and colors reappeared clear, the dream was taking shape and becoming more and more real.

Like a small jewel that shines with all its beauty, a decadent ruin had been restored to its former glory, indeed, even richer in places and services. And such a place, as Rosa had well thought, could only deserve the name Gold, demanding, but absolutely appropriate.

And just like gold shines, the Gold Hotel quickly became a reference point for tourism in Bordighera.

But a beautiful structure, rooms furnished with all comforts and with sober elegance, alone are not enough. The quality of a complete service also comes from the restaurant, yet another challenge won. Here you will not find standard hotel cuisine, but dishes prepared with love and passion by talented chefs.

Today all the efforts, all the efforts, the challenges have been rewarded by the affection and esteem that hotel and restaurant customers testify every day on Tripadvisor, to the point of placing the structure in the top positions.

Nicola and Rosa continue their adventure, for some stretches with you, giving you their sincere smile, family affection and impeccable quality service in a setting of extraordinary beauty, because the journey is not just a physical journey, the journey begins and ends in the deepest emotions.




Nicola & Rosa

Always ready to listen to your needs and look for the solution that makes your holiday unforgettable.

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